Iron Butt On A Lightning X1

Back in 2000 when I was at Buell of Dallas a customer of mine, Mark Brownlee of Sherman, Texas, who was a motorcycle collector of sorts and had purchased a Race Stripe edition X1 from me, decided he wanted to do an Iron Butt ride…yeah, on an X1.

After he not only accomplished an Iron Butt but a Butt Burner as well with a ride of 1640 miles in 32 hours, he wrote up his experience and gave that to me along with some photos. For a variety of reasons including the sale of the dealership I never published his article on Sport Twin.

Fast forward 18 years and I pull this manila envelope from my box of Buell stuff and what do I find? So, 18 years late I am publishing his journey which is quite the accomplishment on ANY motorcycle, especially an X1 with a stock seat.

I’m trying to track him down but so far no luck, so if any of you know Mark please show him this and point him in my direction so I can apologize for the slightly tardy publishing of his great feat!

I have included the write up here as an easier to read .pdf.

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