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I really thought I had this stuff all sold off… I knew I had the big tub of fasteners, switches, pig tails, etc…but I just found a box full of shirts and what not AND a box of CRG levers, mirrors and other factory stuff! This is gonna take awhile to go through so be patient.

Iron Butt On A Lightning X1

Back in 2000 when I was at Buell of Dallas a customer of mine, Mark Brownlee of Sherman, Texas, who was a motorcycle collector of sorts and had purchased a Race Stripe edition X1 from me, decided he wanted to do an Iron Butt ride…yeah, on an X1.

After he not only accomplished an Iron Butt but a Butt Burner as well with a ride of 1640 miles in 32 hours, he wrote up his experience and gave that to me along with some photos. For a variety of reasons including the sale of the dealership I never published his article on Sport Twin.

Fast forward 18 years and I pull this manila envelope from my box of Buell stuff and what do I find? So, 18 years late I am publishing his journey which is quite the accomplishment on ANY motorcycle, especially an X1 with a stock seat.

I’m trying to track him down but so far no luck, so if any of you know Mark please show him this and point him in my direction so I can apologize for the slightly tardy publishing of his great feat!

I have included the write up here as an easier to read .pdf.

Site Updates

I will keep a running list of changes and additions here.


  • I haven’t updated this post in several weeks but plenty of updates have occurred on the site. Many new products in the store, more docs including a ton of D&D dyno runs, an exhaust shootout and more.


  • As I keep finding more parts I realized I needed a more robust storefront so I setup a full tilt store here.


  • Added more Buell product. Tshirts, Air cleaner inserts, S1 dash and more.


  • Created a simple store and added the Techlusion TFI units.


  • Moved all of the .eps (Adobe Photoshop) files to my Gdrive which is good because it will give you a visual preview of most of the files. I also added logo files from 2001.
  • Added some more high res model photos to various albums from 2001 from a Buell CD as well.
  • Moved all Buell docs to the Gdrive and added 2005 model year specs in .pdf.
  • Added quite a few new .pdf docs, SB’s, tech, marketing including a Buell History doc. Also added some Fuell Magazine articles about the XB suspension to the Misc docs section.
  • Uploaded a ton of Buell avatars/icons.


  • Added email subscription form in sidebar so you can receive updates when I add or change something.
  • Uploaded the Buell 2005 CD with raw images, video and music along with an .iso image ready to burn to your CD and the CD cover artwork.


  • Added Buell and related .eps files from a factory CD.
  • Added photos from Thrills in the Hills.


Buell Motorcycle Archive

This is a collection of images, videos and documents related to Buell Motorcycles. Some images are small some are large, some are professional, some are definitely not. I’m publishing the good, bad and ugly, what you do with them is up to you. If you wonder how this came to be and why this exists then read on.

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was working for Buell of Dallas. I was the Sales Manager, Sales Guy, Web Monkey and more. I had my own parts and service guys. At the time there really wasn’t anywhere that sold OEM and after market Buell parts on the web. I created Sport Twin to give Buell owners and enthusiasts a place to shop, learn and communicate, you might remember me on most forums as BuellMan. I developed a pretty close working relationship with Buell, had the opportunity to give some input about product development, ride a few of the new Buells before the magazines did and along the way collected a fair amount of images, videos and documentation. I also got to meet a lot of great people from Buell, racers, customers and enthusiasts from all over the world. After I shut down Sport Twin some years ago I kept everything for posterity, and now here it is.

I will be posting up the what I have readily organized then searching everything I have for the extra stuff I have stored here and there. I also have a stack of Buell provided CD and DVD’s to copy and will post much or all of it here. This will take several weeks or more to accomplish this. I am thinking about enabling public uploads as well to create a larger repository of Buell related media and files. But one thing at a time.

Updates to the site are listed in Site Updates post.

Simply use the navigation menu at the top of the page to find what you want.

If you download anything from this site I hope it gives you enjoyment or helps with any research.

Enjoy! – Brad Galbraith

Me & Erik Buell – Keller, Texas